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3 Types of Properties in Ibiza

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

If you are interested in the exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity of building or renovating property in Ibiza, there is a lot you need to investigate and research before you start looking at land and existing property. For example, you need to know what the most popular and common types of property are, especially if you want to secure the relevant permits and licences you need to carry out work.

In the following post, we are going to discuss the three most popular property types in Ibiza and the ones you should be looking to work on with any architect Ibiza you are interested in hiring.

Are you looking for a quaint and tranquil countryside lifestyle? Then you should consider a very traditional Ibiza farmhouse, known as a Finca. The potential problem with choosing a Finca to work on as your renovation project with an architect Ibiza is that they can be very expensive. After all, you are paying for privacy, seclusion, and a property with lots of character. Unless you buy a new property, however, you are likely to spend a lot on renovation work anyway.

Many of the really old ones can be as much as 100 years or more old, which means there is a lot that needs to be updated. You may face restrictions, though, when it comes to carrying out those renovation works, as many of the older fincas are protected.

For the most authentic old world Ibizan experience, though, there is nothing better than these kinds of property.

Contemporary Villas

If you are looking to completely avoid renovation work or are employing an architect Ibiza to help you build a new property, a modern villa is likely to be more cost-effective. The price though depends on not just its size but its location. The biggest advantage of most existing villas is that they are so modern and well maintained that you can move in almost immediately. They also make for a good investment if you are looking to rent out the property when you are not staying there.

Modern villas are perfect if you do not want a lot of hassle.


Apartments are worth considering if you have an extremely tight budget to play around with. There has been a serious increase in new residential apartment buildings, thanks to the boom of the multiplicity of places like Santa Eularia, San Antonio, and Ibiza Town. Apartments are also a great choice if you want to a base in the thick of where all the action is taking place and want that inner-city buzz.

You need to bear in mind, though, if you are tempted by apartment living, that you will need to pay for more than just your monthly mortgage. There are several associated costs concerning the maintenance of that style of property. However, the price, when compared to other styles of property, is a lot more affordable, particularly compared to modern villas and countryside houses.

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