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5 Reasons Why You Need to Make Ibiza Your Second Home

Although one of the smallest, Ibiza is still one of the most scenic and famous of all the Spanish islands. While it does have a reputation as a party hub for ravers during the summer, there is actually a lot more to this island than just all-night beach dance parties and lairy young people getting drunk.

It has a strong cultural heritage, lots of historical attractions and of course, the many bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs that can be found across the island. If you are looking to set up a second home in a warmer climate where you have access to white sandy beaches and luscious green hills and fields, have you considered Ibiza?

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the five great reasons why you should.

Great Opportunities for Investments

As well as using it as a second home or a holiday place, owning an additional property in Ibiza is also a great opportunity to make an investment that will earn you more money. Ibiza is currently becoming more and more gentrified and many people are achieving high returns on the investments they are making. In response to the greater number of 5-star hotels opening, increased demand for private jet landing and a marine dedicated to superyachts, the property prices are likely to rise.


Although the chance to resell is a good one, there is a more immediate and ongoing way to benefit financially from a property in Ibiza – renting it out. There has been a shift in tourists and holidaymakers preferring to use rental portals like Airbnb to find private accommodation instead of staying in hotels. If you are not always going to be at your Ibiza property, therefore, you could rent it out to people who want to use it. The great thing about Ibiza is that people are now starting to travel there not just in summer, but at different times throughout the year.

Sandy Beaches

We already mentioned the pristine white sandy beaches in the introduction to this post, but they are so beautiful and a key draw for many people that they are worth highlighting again. Thanks to the sheer number of beaches on such a small island, it’s possible to be close to the sea, without the noise of clubbers dancing away.

Authentic and Delicious Spanish Food

One of the most important things when looking to buy a second home anywhere in the world is making sure you have access to great, tasty food. There is no shortage of authentic food available all over Ibiza. For when you want a taste of home, though, there is a thriving ex-pats community and many eateries sell classic British grub too.

Safe and Easy Place to Invest

Last but not least, you may want to consider Ibiza for the location of your second home because it is one of the safest and easiest places to do it. Compared to other EU countries, Spain and therefore Ibiza are more likely to provide UK buyers with benefits when they are investing. It is thought this is because the island and country already have a strong community. Of ex-pats which means it’s easier for newcomers to assimilate into life there and there are local estate agents who have experience working with UK buyers.

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