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This is Bloom Studio

The world of architectural interior design is a varied and versatile one. At This is Bloom, we have developed a range of services to appeal to a wide range of different clients. Below, we have briefly outlined our services. If you would like to speak to us about any of these, either to find out more about pricing and what is involved, contact us today!


Architectural Interior Design, Ibiza

With any of the projects we work on involving architectural interior design, we will create a thorough overview, considering your villa and what your brief requires, to help ensure any work we carry out does not affect the existing structure or its aesthetics. 

Our expert team will look at all the best options open to you to help us make the most of the space available. We take pride in our ability to derive the most potential out of any project, but designing and creating luxury, but also practical spaces relying on a wide range of different trades and skills. We will be involved at every stage of the process, from the designing to the completion.

Residential Interior Design

Our highly reputable and successful interior design team here at This is Bloom treat every new interior design project as a unique project. We will factor in your household needs, lifestyle and the individual needs and preferences of all members of your family to help design and create the best home. Thanks to the comprehensive experience and knowledge we have in all things interior design, we are able to create a theme that incapsulates all important aspects of your brief.

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Commercial Interior Design

We understand the importance of your commercial building’s interior providing the best ambiance that matches your brand. We take on board your specific commercial requirements and combine those with out technical and design abilities, to deliver a finished interior that helps enhance the uniqueness of your building while our own tried-and-tested design and aesthetic touches.

Coordination of Projects

A crucial part of our services is our Coordination team who are vital to the successful delivery of any project wee work on. They are the link between all points of contact involved in the project, making sure that there is a steady and consistent feed of information between both ends of the project. As well as ensuring the project is completed within a tight schedule and budget, they are also there to provide the confidence and assurance clients need. 

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Styling and Dressing

After the completion of any construction and installation project, we have luxury interior designer, Ibiza-based teams that can help dress and style out your property. We would argue that although it comes at the end, it is the most important part of the whole project. 

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